Infrastructure and Modernization of Facilities

Proposition Community College is helping create a streamlined, modernized environment for student success. The first floor of the Administration Building is in the process of renovated and transformed into a student-centric space focused on admissions, advising, financial aid, student wellness and more. At the end of the project, students will have a start-to-finish facility to create a simple, seamless intake process for admission. 

Project List and/or description of projects

St. Charles Community College will upgrade heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems on campus and update mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, creating a more efficient campus. SCC has selected SSC Engineering, Chesterfield, to help upgrade HVAC, mechanical, electrical and plumbing on campus.

Additionally, SCC will create new interior and exterior signage throughout campus. The signage will help improve navigation on campus and create a modern, efficient way to deliver information to students, faculty, staff and the community.

The projects will: 

  • Provide appropriate signage to enhance the safety and wellbeing of our campus community.
  • Use consistency and design to enhance clarity and identity for our campus community and the community at large.
  • Develop wayfinding and directional signage to provide a friendly campus environment. 
  • Use a signage system that is designed to accommodate updates. 
  • Select signage with universal design and ADA compliance in mind for an inclusive community environment.

Professional Services Team

SCC has selected Arcturis, St. Louis, to design new interior and exterior signage on campus.


May 2023 - Main Campus Signage (Phase 1) – Completion

July 2023 – FTTI Building Signage – Completion

Sept 2023 – DCC LED Sign and Monument - Completion



Photo Gallery

Building Signage

April 2023 – Building Sign Installation

New signs are going up on campus, including new directory signs and ground-level monument signs throughout campus.

P1016312_RT.jpg Sb1.JPG
Main Campus LED Signs

March 2021
sign 1 LED Sign 1 sign 1a
April 2021
sign 2 sign 3 LED sign 1222
June 2021
LED Update 4.jpg LED Update 5.jpg LED Update 3.jpg LED Update 2.jpg
July 2021
LED sign new 650.jpg LED 2 650.jpg
LED sign new1 650.jpg
LED screen 88.jpg LED sign 234.jpg
July 2021
0M3A7341.jpg 0M3A7343.jpg LED Sign Aug 2021 3.jpg LED Sign Aug 2021 2.jpg LED Sign Aug 2021 1.jpg 20211007_143225.jpg 20211007_143243.jpg 20211007_143257.jpg
HVAC Systems
Crane 2.jpg Crane 3.jpg Crane 4.jpg Crane 5.jpg Crane 6.jpg
Dardenne Creek LED Signs
2023-12-04 153834.png
2023-12-04 153910.png
2023-12-04 153949.png
DCC LED during updated rv2_Page_3.jpg
DCC LED during updated rv2_Page_1.jpg
DCC LED during updated rv2_Page_2.jpg
Field to Table Institute Signs
FTTI Sign and wayfinding Pics 23.7.206.jpg
FTTI Sign and wayfinding Pics 23.7.201.jpg
FTTI Sign and wayfinding Pics 23.7.202.jpg
FTTI Sign and wayfinding Pics 23.7.203.jpg
FTTI Sign and wayfinding Pics 23.7.204.jpg
FTTI Sign and wayfinding Pics 23.7.207.jpg
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