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The resources SCC receives enhance the SCC experience for students and teachers alike. With the help of our community and supporters, we are committed to providing an extraordinary learning environment.

Showing off molecular model kits purchased for chemistry lab

Academic and program enhancements are made possible by proceeds raised at events and by individuals and corporations who are passionate about education.

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Anatomical Models Needed to Support Learning for Anatomy and Physiology Students
ACE Tutoring Center
Additional anatomical models will give more students ability to check out the models. These are used to help students in learning topics for nursing and other health careers.
Enhanced Language Acquisition Web-Based Software
Adult Education & Literacy Department
The Rosetta Stone Language Learning Suite will allow those learning English as a second language access to a web-based program that promotes individual study, allows for the use of more technology to enhance what is taught in the classroom.
Panache That Pays Etiquette Luncheon 2016
Career Services/Student Activities
The luncheon teaches students soft skills necessary when entering the workforce. Topics addressed include introductions, meal etiquette, proper attire and profession behavior in a meal setting. The funding will help cover the expense of a four-course meal, keeping ticket prices affordable to students.
Portable Dance Floor for Young People's Theatre
Continuing Education
Children in this community program will be provided with an appropriate and safe space to learn the art of theatre on a portable dance floor with a safe, non-slip surface.
English Department Literary Journal Library
English Department
English Department Literary Journal Library.
The Gateway Review: a Literary Journal
English Department
The Gateway Review is the college’s own literary journal, which gives students the opportunity to prepare their own literary work for publication.
Financial Literacy Money Booth
Enrollment Services
Students will be exposed to the importance of financial literacy through the use of a “money” booth. Students will be eligible to enter the booth and win prizes by registering on a financial literacy website, answering questions, and completing tasks designed by financial aid counselors.
Achieving Success in College Math
Math Department
The program uses college instructors to inform middle and high school students about the impact of taking math during the senior year of high school on their future success in college.
Purchase Current Version of TABE Test
Nursing and Allied Health
By updating to the current version of the TABE test, students wishing to enter the Certified Medication Technician Program will be evaluated on current course knowledge.
Brain Week- Poster Presentations
Psychology Program
With funding for the mounting of posters, all students will learn how to present information they research and learn in the classroom for a larger event. The finished posters will be on display during the Psychology Program’s Brain Week.
Science Department Vernier LabQuest 2 System
Science Department
The handheld technology will allow science students to collect and analyze data for a variety of science experiments. For example, anatomy and physiology students learn how to read electrocardiograms (EKG).
Health Communications Guest Speaker for COM Week
Speech/Communications Program
Guest speaker Dr. Brian Quick, a recognized scholar who specializes in Health Communication, discussed his work, research and potential career paths for students interested in a communication major.
Phi Beta Lambda State Leadership Conferences
Student Organization
Members of Phi Beta Lambda, the business student organization, will travel and compete at state and national conferences.
Auto-darkening Welding Helmets
Workforce Development Department
Additional helmets are needed for students enrolled in the welding classes. The American Welding Society (AWS) Basic Welding Workforce program offered through SCC Workforce Development, prepares participants seeking employment in this high demand skill area.
Scholarship for Certified Production Technician (CPT) and Welding Classes
Workforce Development Department
Scholarship funds will be made available to Workforce Development in order to help individuals who are struggling to afford the program fees.

Privately Funded Grants

Chemistry Demonstration Kit
The kit will allow students the opportunity to apply textbook and lecture theories to an active learning environment.
Hydraulic Patient Lift
The lift will allow nursing students to learn and demonstrate safe transfer of patients in the clinical setting without injury to the patient or student.
pH Meters and Electrodes for Chemistry
The additional 2 pH meters will equip the laboratory with the equipment necessary for normal workflow and provide students with time for hands-on learning.
Student Molecular Model Kits for Chemistry Lab
Small models will allow each student in the classroom to understand topics taught in a several college chemistry classes. Students interact with objects that are otherwise too small to see.

ESP Campus Enhancements

Display Board for FAB Theatre Lobby
A new display board in the lobby of the Fine Arts Building will better display photographs of upcoming productions, as well as campus announcements and other information for our students and community.
Theater Receptions/Open Houses
A more polished environment will be experienced by potential SCC students and incoming students who attend open houses in the Theater Department, through the use of new tablecloths and reusable centerpieces.
Young People's Theatre Microphones – Continuing Education
Career Services/Student Activities
New microphones for Young People’s Theater (YPT) will allow the cast the ability to produce a high-quality performance. YPT directors will instruct SCC students on how to handle, test and use microphones and sound equipment.
Auto-darkening Welding Helmets
Additional helmets are needed for students enrolled in the welding classes. The American Welding Society (AWS) Basic Welding Workforce program offered through SCC Workforce Development, prepares participants seeking employment in this high demand skill area.
Computer-Aided Drafting Lab Display Cases
For use in recruitment and retention, an enclosed cork board with sliding glass door will provide a motivating display, showcasing CAD program highlights, student/graduate successes, internship examples, employment opportunities and testimonial materials.
Institutional Research and Grants Intent to Return Survey
The survey will collect information from students that will allow for better and more accurate predictions about student retention at SCC.
Phi Beta Lambda State Leadership Conferences
Members of Phi Beta Lambda, the business student organization, will travel and compete at state and national conferences.
SCC Day of Service
SCC’s Service Learning Program would like to continue the program they started this year: a day for SCC students, faculty and staff to participate in a variety of community service projects across St. Charles County. The funds will cover some of the costs for this new program, like t-shirts for the volunteers.
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