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Saturday, April 25, 2015

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Fun Run Female Age Group Winners

Age 6 & under:  1st, Hadleigh Todd; 2nd, Aranna Klewiet; 3rd, Lilly Todd.
Age 7-8:  1st, Rheanne Helsel; 2nd, Nalla Houston; 3rd, no finisher.
Age 9-10:  1st, Allison Brunfield; 2nd, Haley Houston; 3rd, no finisher.
Age 11-12:  1st, Catherine Pundmann; 2nd, Halei Anderson; 3rd, Rachel Friese.
Age 13-14:  1st, Ella Schindehette; 2nd, no finisher; 3rd, no finisher.
Age 15 & above:  1st, Deanna Willett; 2nd, Jannien Tucker; 3rd, Marie Ray.

Fun Run Male Age Group Winners

Age 6 & under:  1st, Casey Anderson; 2nd, Kevin Reise; 3rd, Gabe Mueller.
Age 7-8:  1st, Jude Huebner; 2nd, Aaron Kainady; 3rd, Colton Boudinot.
Age 9-10:  1st, Tyler Anderson; 2nd, Nathan Klewiet; 3rd, Dominic St. Jean.
Age 11-12:  1st, Connor Ray; 2nd, Ian Holdinghausen; 3rd, Timmy Tresch.
Age 13-14:  1st, Bryan Rootz; 2nd, Brandon Brophy; 3rd, no finisher.
Age 15 & above:  1st, Harrison Davies; 2nd, Todd McKee; 3rd, Dan Belter.

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Billie Reise

2000e648-84df-4025-b883-9915cf2dbcc7 Community
“I plan on recruiting more runners to join us next year because it’s one of the best organized races we’ve participated in.”   Full Story

Debbie Knowlton

592d52da-7f3f-4f78-b03b-9efd08c1cf1d Community
"That '80s Run is a fun competition and it's close to home."   Full Story

Rachell Warrick

c31271cc-c8b5-49dd-bfd4-08714235d129 Student
“I am so grateful for this scholarship. It is going to be a big help to me.”   Full Story