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Saturday, April 27, 2013

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Fun Run Female Age Group Winners

Age 6 & under: 1st, Ava Breuer; 2nd, Taylor Reinhardt; 3rd, Jenna Barakat.
Age 7-8: 1st, Maddie Watters; 2nd, Joey Berra; 3rd, Emily Sirtak.
Age 9-10:1st, Lauren Sirtak; 2nd, Issy McCarthy; 3rd, Mia Houston.
Age 11-12: 1st, Savannah Krawczyk; 2nd, Courtney Helmick; 3rd, Kylie Kirkpatrick.
Age 13-14: 1st, Emily Helmick; 2nd, Emma Meyers; 3rd, Hannah Reeves.
Age 15 & above: 1st, Kayla Schmidt; 2nd, Melissa Roberts; 3rd, Heather Ormsby.

Fun Run Male Age Group Winners

Age 6 & under: 1st, Jude Huebner; 2nd, Aaron Kainady; 3rd, Matei Soare.
Age 7-8: 1st, Nathan Kiewiet; 2nd, Jackson Otto; 3rd, Adam Prinkey.
Age 9-10: 1st, Marcus Otto; 2nd, Erik Kiewiet; 3rd, Gabriel Maher.
Age 11-12: 1st, Ethan Williams; 2nd, Sam Weaver; 3rd, Colin St. Aubin.
Age 13-14: 1st, Nic Savala; 2nd, Michael Winner; 3rd, Dylan Brophy.
Age 15 & above: 1st, Marcus Woodford; 2nd, Tim Helmick; 3rd, Loronz Marion.

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Debbie Knowlton

"Run. Live. Learn. is a fun competition and it's close to home."   Full Story

Jennifer Burns

“It’s a medium-sized race, not too small or too big, so you have a good chance of running a personal record time.”   Full Story

Rachell Warrick

“I am so grateful for this scholarship. It is going to be a big help to me.”   Full Story