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Emergency Alert System (Text Messaging)

St. Charles Community College has implemented a text-messaging Emergency Alert System that will serve as one means of alerting the campus community about emergencies, warnings, weather-related closings and campus shutdowns. There is also an option to receive alerts by email only. The system will not be used for general announcements. The college will continue to provide information through additional means, including the SCC phone greeting system (636-922-8000), the SCC website (www.stchas.edu) and mySCC portal (myscc.stchas.edu).

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Frequently Asked Questions

My cell phone number has changed. Can I update it in the system?
Yes, you can go back into the system and edit any of your contact information.
Who pays for text messages I may receive?
St. Charles Community College is funding the basic cost for the Emergency Alert System. The cost of receiving text messages will be determined by the cellular service contract in which the participant is enrolled. Each person enrolled to receive text messages is responsible for text message charges billed to their phone.
Is this service just for cellular telephones?
SCC can send messages to any device that can receive text messages (SMS) through cellular service, including many cellular telephones, some text pagers, Blackberries, and some wireless PDAs.
When will I get a message?

Messages will only be sent under the following circumstances

  • when a situation presents an ongoing threat to community safety;
  • when there are major facility or campus closures;
  • when system tests need to be performed;
  • for timely warning of criminal activity on campus.
How do I find out about weather-related closures?
For inclement weather notices, you may call the college at 636-922-8000, or view the announcements section on the home page of the college website. The college also will contact local media with inclement weather announcements as soon as possible but cannot guarantee what times they will appear on radio or television stations. For more information, view Inclement Weather Guidelines.
How quickly will I receive messages?
The rate at which messages are received depends upon your cellular phone provider's capabilities. This could be instantaneous or could take an extended period of time. SCC and its emergency alert system have no control over the speed at which your cellular provider delivers messages.
How can I get more information once I receive a text message?
Due to the limitations of text messaging, messages will be very brief and contain vital and immediate information. More information will be made available through the SCC website.
Will I get advertising messages or general campus announcements?
No. This system will not be used to deliver any type of advertising content or non-essential notifications.
Does signing up for SCC's emergency alert system cost me anything?
There is no cost to sign up. The only charges you incur would be the normal fees charged by your cellular service provider for receiving text messages.
What if I don't have a cellular telephone or mine doesn't have text messaging?
You also have the option to sign up to receive alerts by email. Text alerts are just one of the communication channels used by SCC in the event of an emergency. The emergency alert system is not replacing SCC's other methods of communication; it is simply enhancing the college's options for distributing information rapidly. For more information, visit the SCC website.
Can my parents or spouse receive SCC emergency alerts on their cellular telephones?
You can enroll up to two cellular numbers in SCC's Emergency Alert System.

If your question is not listed above, please email helpdesk@stchas.edu

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