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Transcript Services, Enrollment Verification, and Accessing Grades

A $5 FEE WILL BE CHARGED PER TRANSCRIPT REQUEST. Enrollment verifications free of charge.

Transcripts Defined

A transcript is an official record of your academic activity. It reflects your courses and grades, along with semester and cumulative grade point averages, honors, degrees and certificates.

An enrollment verification, typically requested by insurance agencies, simply indicates your dates of attendance at SCC. The information below explains our transcript services and how to access your grades.

There are two types of transcripts, official and unofficial.

  • An official transcript bears the official seal of the college. If you are transferring to another college, the transcript is mailed directly from SCC to the institution you specify on the Transcript and Enrollment Verification Form. If you are transferring to SCC from another college, you will need to request an official transcript be sent to SCC from each college you attended.
  • An unofficial transcript of your SCC grades may be printed from the SCC Connection at any time.

To Request a Transcript

We now offer electronic transmission of official transcripts. Students can track their status and be notified via text or email when the transcript has been sent.

You may request a transcript by accessing this link: Student Clearinghouse. In addition, in person requests can be made. We do not accept FAXED requests. Use the Transcript and Enrollment Verification Form.

Please make sure that your written requests include:

  • Your signature and date.
  • The name under which you were enrolled.
  • Student identification number (or Social Security number).
  • The address to which the transcript is to be sent.

Phone or e-mail requests will NOT be honored due to laws outlined in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

  • All holds on your record must be cleared before transcripts will be released.
  • Allow two working days for processing. Additional time may be required at the end of the semester.
  • SCC does not release copies of transcripts from high schools or other institutions you have attended. You must contact the original institution to obtain these documents.

Sending Transcripts to SCC and Transcript Evaluation

When transferring to SCC from another institution, you must complete the following steps.

  • Have official transcripts from EACH institution that you attended sent to the Admissions Office.
    Credits for courses with passing grades may be accepted at the registrar's discretion.
  • To have the credits taken at other institutions evaluated, submit a Request for Transfer Evaluation Form  to the Admissions Office and declare a degree.
    • Accepted transfer credits will be included in the cumulative hours of credit but will not be calculated in the grade point average.
    • You will receive a transfer evaluation report indicating how the courses were accepted. Please allow two weeks for an evaluation from the time the transcripts are received.
    • Transcripts sent to SCC will not be automatically reviewed unless the student has requested in writing that a review be made.
    • To Appeal Your Evaluation: Send a letter requesting the appeal; documentation (course description and syllabus) supporting your requested change to:

    • Transcript Evaluator ADM 1113
      St. Charles Community College
      4601 Mid Rivers Mall Drive
      Cottleville, MO 63376-2865

    • The transcript evaluator will submit your request and documentation to the division dean for review. A decision will be made within 7-10 days. The student may also contact the articulation officer at the sending institution.
    • Missouri’s Coordinating Board for Higher Education approved a credit transfer policy that states that any transfer student who believes there has been unfair treatment involving acceptance of college credits may appeal the evaluation.

Getting Your Grades

Final grades (and midterms) are available on SCC Connection. Grades and satisfactory academic progress will be finalized approximately three to five days after the last day of classes for the term.

  • An SCC Connection account allows you to view and print an unofficial transcript of your grades.
  • For technical support, contact the SCC Help Desk.
  • Report cards are no longer mailed.

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