Prerequisites and Corequisites Information

Some courses offered at SCC require either a prerequisite or co-requisite (or both) before enrolling. All prerequisites or co-requisites are identified in the Course Descriptions section of the SCC catalog.

If you have already completed an identified prerequisite at another college, proof of prerequisite (report card or transcript) will be required. An advisor or enrollment services assistant can verify that the prerequisite has been fulfilled.

Prerequisite Defined

A prerequisite is a condition of enrollment that you are required to meet prior to enrolling in a course. These prerequisite courses provide the minimum level of proficiency knowledge needed for successful achievement in the next level course.

  • You must obtain written approval of any exceptions. Exceptions to prerequisites may be made by the student talking with the course instructor and having them sign the registration form. This form must then be returned to Enrollment Services.
  • If you are taking or have just completed a prerequisite course for which SCC has not yet received grades, you may register for the advanced course; however, you must withdraw from the advanced course if the grade you received does not satisfy the requirement of "successful completion."*

    *Grades of F (Failing), I (Incomplete), R (Re-enroll), V (Audit), and W (Withdrawal) do not constitute successfully completing a prerequisite. Some courses designate attainment of a higher successful grade, for example a grade of C or better, in their prerequisite course(s).  A note signed by the course instructor who issued the “I” grade may suffice until the grade change has been administratively processed. 

Example: Successfully complete Psychology 101 before enrolling in Psychology 201.

Co-requisite Defined

A co-requisite is a course that needs to be taken concurrently with another course. This is very typical with science courses.

  • You must sign up for both the course and any co-requisite. If you later wish to drop the course, you must also drop the co-requisite. If you fail the course, you may be allowed to repeat that course without retaking the co-requisite. However, you will not be allowed to advance in a sequence of courses until both have been successfully completed.

Example: CHM 101 and co-requisite CHM 103 (lab)