Maximum Course Load

Full-Time Course Load and Freshman-Sophomore Classification

Students at SCC are classified according to hours enrolled and hours completed. Part-time students earn fewer than 12 hours per semester, while full-time students carry 12 or more. During the summer semester, full-time student status requires 6 or more credit hours (for academic purposes). Full-time status for financial aid in the summer is 12 or more credit hours.

Course LoadFall/SpringSummer
Full time 12 or more hours 6 or more
Part time 11 hours or less 5 or less

A freshman is any student who has completed fewer than 28 credit hours; a sophomore has completed 28 credit hours or more.

Except as indicated below, the maximum number of credit hours for which a student may enroll during the fall or spring is 18. During the summer, the maximum is 10 hours taken concurrently. Any course repeated counts as part of the course load.

It is recommended that the maximum course load for each of the following academic sessions be observed:

Academic SessionCourse Load
Summer 10 credit hours
Fall 18 credit hours
Spring 18 credit hours

Repeated courses count as part of the course load.

Students with a superior scholastic record may be permitted to register for more than the recommended maximum providing they meet the following GPA prerequisites:

  • 2.75 GPA – approved to take 19 hours
  • 3.00 GPA – approved to take 20 hours
  • 3.50 GPA – approved to take 21 hours

Students wishing to take more than 21 hours must receive special permission from the Academic Affairs Office.

A veteran, in order to receive maximum assistance under the Veterans Education Law (G.I. Bill), must carry at least 12 hours of credit per semester.