If you have NEVER attended SCC, before meeting with a counselor, visit the Student Enrollment Checklist page and follow the listed instructions for your chosen path!

If you would like to meet with an advisor, please follow the steps below:

  1. Obtain the following information:

  2. Academic counseling is available by appointment.  You can schedule an appointment by using your online scheduling system.  
    International students - please schedule your appointment online to meet with our International Student Coordinator.
  3. Select the courses you wish to take.
    An academic counselor will help you select the appropriate courses to meet your learning objectives.

    Check to see if the course section numbers correspond with the times, days and locations you prefer. If you wish to register for math or English courses, you must have taken the Academic Skills Assessment or show proof of prerequisites.
  4. Before meeting with a counselor, check to see if you have met all prerequisites for the courses you selected.

    If you are transferring to SCC from another institution you will need to provide proof that you've taken the necessary prerequisites for the courses you select.

    Courses that have prerequisites and corequisites are flagged with P/C in the class schedule. Prerequisites and corequisites for all courses are listed in the catalog.

    Academic Skills Assessment results or proof of prerequisite(s) are required to enroll in math, English and reading, or other courses where a math or English prerequisite is required.

    It is your responsibility to provide documentation that all prerequisites have been completed prior to registration. A report card or transcript will suffice as proof of prerequisite.

    All students taking English or math courses are required to earn a grade of "C" or better in prerequisite courses before progressing to the next course in the sequence.

    A counselor will register you for your classes.
  5. Take your registration confirmation to the Cashier's Office and pay for your classes.
    Your registration is not considered complete until your classes are paid for. If you are receiving financial assistance, visit the Financial Assistance Office in Enrollment Services.

Registration Info

Third Party Registration and Tuition Payment

Any third party who wishes to register (add/drop) for a student will need to be listed on an Authorization for Third Party Registration and Tuition Payment form that has been completed by the student.