Parent & Family Member Guide

Our Mission: Student Success!

Welcome Parents and Family Members – SCC is a great place for your student to start. 

At SCC, we realize the important role our students' parents and other family members play in our students' success. By becoming informed, showing support and encouraging independence, you can make a tremendous contribution to your student's successful college experience.

This site is your gateway to information about academic programs, services and activities. Everything from the Academic Calendar (important dates) to Student Activities can be found here. 

Frequent Questions

How does my student get started?

Enrolling at SCC is simple.  We maintain an open-admissions policy – which means everyone is accepted to the college. However, there may be additional admission's criteria for some academic programs. Before registering for courses, all new students must complete an Application for Admission.  Students may apply for admission anytime during the year. PLEASE VISIT our Enrollment Services Page for Step-by-Step instructions for enrolling.

What if my student just wants to take a SUMMER CLASS?

To enroll for a summer class, check this step-by-step list.  (Keep in mind that you cannot register for your student unless he/she completes a waiver allowing you to register.)

What can I do to help my student be successful at SCC?

No one will call you if your student stops attending classes, is not submitting required work or is failing tests. Your student is now responsible for his/her education. Your student will be required to make decisions, take responsibility and be accountable for his/her actions. For many students this is a new experience.

Each faculty member provides a syllabus for the course.  The syllabus outlines the attendance policy, punctuality, exams, assignments and other requirements.  The student has sole responsibility for meeting these requirements.

As a family member, you can help with this adjustment by listening and encouraging your student to make his/her own decisions and to seek help when needed.  SCC has an abundance of student services designed to help your student succeed. 

Why can't SCC tell me anything about my student?

As a parent of a child in high school, you were probably used to having access to your student's records.  Now that your student has enrolled in college, federal law, The Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA), states that once the student enrolls at a college, the rights to privacy transfer directly to the student and away from the parent. Yes, even if you're paying the tuition.

The student is the only person who can authorize access to his/her records.  FERPA was enacted to protect the privacy of student educational records.

How do I get a copy of my student's grades?

The easiest way to obtain your student's grades is to ask your student.  We do not mail report cards.  Grades are accessed by your student via SCC Connection. 

How do we apply for financial aid? 

If your student has never applied for financial aid, you will need to set up a pin number and complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  Visit: our Financial Aid page for instructions and other information.

How much does it cost to attend SCC?

Tuition depends on where you live. In St. Charles County, you will pay in-district tuition.  Outside St. Charles County (or out of state), you will pay out-of-district (or out-of-state) fees.  Visit: current tuition and fees for payment information.

Where is the CLASS SCHEDULE?

The course schedule is available online and is in 'real-time.' The course schedule is located within SCC Connection. Chose the appropriate term from the drop-down box.  You do not need to complete the Course Level or Start on/After Date text boxes.  The other fields are optional. 

When can my student register? When is tuition due?

The dates vary from semester to semester. Typically, fall and summer registration begins in April and spring registration begins in October. Critical dates are found on the Academic Calendar.

How does my student get help with his/her schedule?

Academic counselors are available to assist your student with understanding the degree requirements and selecting courses based on his or her goals.  For more information, visit Academic Advising.

What is College Success Seminar (COL-101)?

During this class, the student will learn about the college, the library services, other services the college has for students, the importance of the student ID and SCC Connection and Canvas will be introduced.

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Services Info

Office Hours

8 a.m.-7 p.m.

9 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Office Location

Administration Building, Room 1113

Schedule an Advising Appointment

636-922-8241 – Advising

636-922-8234 – Registration

636-922-8601 – Financial Assistance

Course Load

Course Load Fall/Spring Summer


12 or more hours 6 or more hours


11 hours or less 5 or less hours

College Student

If your student is taking 6 hours or more, he/she is required to meet with an academic advisor AND take the Assessment Test or submit/bring in ACT Scores – good for two years.


Help your student get organized!

Set up a central place for college material. Use a desk, smart phone, a file cabinet, a bulletin board and a calendar to keep track of important deadlines.

Federal law (FERPA) prohibits a parent from registering your student or seeing his/her grades.

A RELEASE FORM completed by the student will allow access to the records.

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