Allied Health New Student Checklist

Allied Health Students Taking Vitals

Interested in an Allied Health Program?

Students may apply for admission anytime during the year. Admission to the college does not guarantee entrance into a particular course or program of study. This list will help guide you through the enrollment process.

  1. Complete an Application for Admission. A+ Scholarship students please read this Critical Information.

  2. Complete the appropriate admission requirements for your program of study.
  3. Apply for Financial Assistance and Scholarships.

    If receiving the A+ Scholarship, contact the Financial Assistance Office and inform your academic counselor. A+ Scholarship students MUST SEE an Academic Counselor each time you add or drop courses.
  4. Take the Academic Skills Assessment.
    If you achieved at least the minimum score on the ACT sub-tests listed below you are NOT required to take the Academic Skills Assessment.  

    • E-ACT 18 = ENG-101
    • R-ACT 18 = Reading Not Required
    • M-ACT 23 = MAT 160
      ACT Scores are valid for two years.


      If you placed high enough in one subject area to waive the assessment test but not in another subject area, you will need to take the assessment test for 'that' particular subject area.

      Please bring a copy of your ACT scores in case the college does not have your scores loaded in our system.

      Meet with an Academic Counselor and Register for Classes.

      • Your test results will be reviewed with you by an academic counselor and the counselor will help you select courses.

      • Prior to meeting with a counselor, review the academic calendar for registration dates, and preview the college catalog and the credit class schedule to determine the best possible schedule. 
      • COL 101– Orientation to College is required for all first-time freshmen who take 9 or more credit hours in fall or spring or 5 or more credit hours in the summer term. Students who withdraw from COL 101 will have a “hold” put on their registration for the following semester.
      • For hours & more info:  Academic Counseling 
    • Pay Tuition and Fees in Full.
    •  You will be dropped from all of your courses if you fail to pay your tuition in full by the due date. Tuition/Fee information. In-district and Out-of-District Information.  Save time – pay online via SCC Connection.
    • Obtain your Picture ID and Parking Tag.

    • Buy your Textbooks.

    • Sign up for SCC Connection -  Access your final grades, personal SCC records