Students Not Seeking a Degree Or Taking Less Than Five Credits Checklist

Just want to take a summer class? SCC offers many programs to help you accomplish your personal and professional goals. If you just want to take a few courses (5 credit hours or less) for professional or personal interest but do not want to earn a degree or certificate, SCC can help.

This list was developed to help you through the enrollment process. If you follow all of the suggestions outlined, you should have a smooth start at SCC!

  1. Complete an Application for Admission.
  2. Take the Academic Skills Assessment.
    • If you have not completed college-level math or English or plan to take courses that require English or math as a prerequisite, you must take the assessment.
    • If you have completed English and/or math at another college, the full assessment may not be needed; however, proof of the prerequisite (report card or transcript) will be required.

      ACT PLACEMENT SCORE INFORMATION: If you achieved at least the minimum score on the ACT sub-tests listed below you are NOTrequired to take the Academic Skills Assessment.
      • E-ACT 18 = ENG-101
      • R-ACT 18 = Reading Not Required
      • M-ACT 23 = MAT 160
      ACT Scores are valid for two years.

      If you placed high enough in one subject area to waive the assessment test but not in another subject area, you will need to take the assessment test for 'that' particular subject area.

      Please bring a copy of your ACT scores in case the college does not have your scores loaded in our system.
    • Complete the Course Registration Form and bring to the Registration Office.
      • Check the college catalog to ensure the required prerequisites or corequisites for the course have been met. Proof of course prerequisites will be required at the time of registration.
      • If you had prerequisite courses at a college other than SCC, you will need to have the transcript or grade card in your admissions file or with you when you register to show proof that you have met that prerequisite (proof of prerequisite).
      • Check the credit course schedule for course availability.
      • Meeting with an advisor is NOT required since you've had previous college credit. However, if you would like help with selecting courses, understanding your assessment scores and with the registration process, visit the Academic Counseling website for hours. Advising operates on a walk-in schedule. Wait times will vary based on the time of the year.
    • Pay Tuition and Fees in Full.
    • Obtain your Picture ID and Parking Tag.
    • Buy your Textbooks.
    • Sign up for SCC Connection.

      Access your final grades, personal SCC records and register for upcoming semesters. You must complete one full semester before you can register online.

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