Students Without a High School Diploma Or GED Certificate Checklist

Ability To Benefit Enrollment

If you have not earned a high school diploma or GED certificate, you may be admitted to SCC with an Ability to Benefit status. In order to build a strong academic foundation before beginning college-level work, it is our recommendation that you first receive your high school diploma or its equivalent GED.

This list was developed to help you through the enrollment process. If you follow all of the suggestions outlined, you should have a smooth start at SCC!

    1. Complete an Application for Admission.Take the Academic Skills Assessment

    2. The assessment test is required for anyone who has not earned a high school diploma or GED. Your results are used to determine your Ability to Benefit from course work.

      Financial Assistance Alert: Financial Assistance Alert: Students who do not have a high school diploma or a recognized equivalent (e.g., GED), or do not meet the home school requirements, and who first enroll in a program of study after July 1, 2012 will not be eligible to receive Title IV student aid.  Visit the Financial Assistance Web page for more information.

    3. Apply for Financial Assistance and Scholarships.

    4. Meet with an Academic Counselor and Register for Classes.

      • Your test results will be reviewed with you by an academic counselor. If it is determined that you would benefit from college-level course work, a counselor will help you select the courses you need and help you register.

      • If it is determined that you are NOT able to benefit from college-level course work, or, if remedial course work is recommended you will be referred to the Adult Basic Education/GED preparation program. Students referred to the GED preparation program are expected to complete the GED in a reasonable time and should present the GED certificate to the Admissions Office for verification of completion.

      • COL 101 – Orientation to College is REQUIRED for all first-time freshmen who take 9 or more credit hours in fall or spring or 5 or more credit hours in the summer term.

    5. Pay Tuition and Fees in Full.

      You will be dropped from all of your courses if you fail to pay your tuition in full by the due date. Tuition/Fee information. In-district and Out-of-District Information.

Save time – pay online via SCC Connection.

  1. Obtain your Picture ID and Parking Tag.

  2. Buy your Textbooks.

  3. Sign up for SCC Connection.

    Access your final grades, personal SCC records and register for upcoming semesters. You must complete one full semester before you can register online.