Dual-Enrolled High School Student Checklist

High school juniors or seniors are welcome to take college-level classes and start earning college credit. The credits earned will be recorded on an SCC transcript and may be used to fulfill degree requirements at SCC or at a transfer institution's discretion. In addition to the requirements listed below This checklist was developed to help you through the enrollment process.

Requirements to be eligible for dual enrollment

  • Must have the written permission from your high school counselor or principal.
  • Have at least a 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale) high school grade point average. (Some high school districts require a higher GPA to participate.)
  • Students enrolled in 6 credit hours or in math or English courses are required to complete the SCC assessment.
  • The signature of an SCC counselor for registration your first semester in dual enrollment.
  • A completed dual enrollment application form is required every semester of enrollment.

Dual Enrollment Registration Process

  1. Complete an Application for Admission
  2. Complete a Dual Enrolled Application
  3. Take the Academic Skills Assessment

    If you achieved at least the minimum score on the ACT sub-tests listed below, you are NOT required to take the Academic Skills Assessment.

    English-ACT 18 = ENG-101

    Reading-ACT 18 = Reading Not Required

    Math-ACT 23 = MAT 160

    ACT Scores are valid for two years.

    If you placed high enough in one subject area to waive the assessment test but not in another subject area, you will need to take the assessment test for 'that' particular subject area.

    Please bring a copy of your ACT scores in case the college does not have your scores loaded in our system.

    If you do not have a high school diploma or its equivalent (GED or HiSET), you may be admitted to SCC with an Ability to Benefit status.

  4. Meet with an academic counselor and register for classesonline appointment scheduling.

    Your test results will be reviewed with you by an academic counselor, and the counselor will help you select your courses. A limit of 6 credit hours may be taken each semester. A signature of an SCC counselor is required for registration the first semester.

    Developmental courses or physical education courses ARE NOT available to dual-enrolled or home-schooled students until your high school curriculum is completed.
  5. If you want to take developmental courses (courses below 100 level), physical education courses or would like to take more than 6 credit hours, you must write a letter of appeal explaining your situation to the dean of academic advising and transfer services. Letters of support from your principal or high school counselor will be necessary. Any other exception that is unique to your situation must also be addressed in this manner.
  6. Under age 16? You will need to contact the dean of academic advising and transfer services (636-922-8427) who will review your placement scores to determine if you placed into college-level coursework.
  7. Pay tuition and fees in full. You will be dropped from all of your courses if you fail to pay your tuition in full by the due date. Save time and pay online via SCC Connection.
  8. Obtain picture ID and parking tags.
  9. Buy textbooks.
  10. Sign up for SCC Connection.

Access your final grades, personal SCC records, and register for upcoming semesters.

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