Dates & Deadlines

2014-15 Academic Calendar (PDF)

2015-16 Academic Calendar (PDF)

May 26

Attendance Reporting Begins for 15/SU0

Attendance reporting begins for 15/SU0.

May 26

15/SU Fees and Tuition Due

15/SU fees and tuition due.

May 30

15/SU0 Attendance Reporting Closes

15/SU0 attendance reporting closes.

June 04

15/SU Attendance Reporting Begins

15/SU attendance reporting begins.

June 08

Last Day to Drop and Receive a "W" for 15/SU0

Last day to drop and receive a "W" for 15/SU0.

June 08

15/SU Attendance Reporting Closes

15/SU attendance reporting closes.

June 11

Final Grading for 15/SU0 Opens

Final grading for 15/SU0 opens.

June 25

Final Grading for 15/SU0 Closes

Final grading for 15/SU0 closes.

June 29

15/SU3 Attendance Reporting Begins

15/SU3 attendance reporting begins.

July 06

Last Day to Drop and Receive a W for 15/SU

Last day to drop and receive a W for 15/SU.

Tuition Refund Policy

Per Board Policy 417, the tuition refund policy is as follows:

  • If a student withdraws from a credit course or from the college during the first three weeks after the start of the semester, a refund will be processed based on the date that the student withdraws.
  • If a student withdraws from a credit course or from the college, the student may receive a tuition refund for that session or semester provided an Add-Drop Form is completed and filed with Enrollment Services within a specified time, or the student withdraws online via SCC Connection. The date of the Add-Drop Form or the date the online drop is completed is used to determine the percentage of eligible refund.  

Percentage of Refund

Time Frame of Refund

100% Day 1-7 of the semester
80% Day 8-14 of the semester
60% Day 15-21 of the semester

NOTE: Refund amounts are determined by specific dates within each semester for all classes and will be prorated for courses less than 16 weeks in length. A full refund of tuition and fees is made if the college cancels a scheduled class. See Tuition Refund Schedule for dates.