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Withdrawing, Adding, Auditing & Repeating Courses (Registration & Tuition Refund Policy)

Add/Withdraw From a Credit Class

The procedures for withdrawing, adding and auditing courses are described below. The registration and tuition refund appeal process is also described.

Course Withdrawal

To withdraw from a course, you may use SCC Connection or complete a Registration Add/Drop Form. Bring the completed form to the Enrollment Services Department.

  • By officially withdrawing from a course before the end of the 10th week of classes, you will receive a 'W' on your transcript.
  • Do not stop attending a course without officially withdrawing or you will receive an 'F' grade for the course(s).
  • The add/drop form must be submitted to the Enrollment Services Department by the stated withdrawal dates for a given term. Withdrawal dates can be found in the credit course schedule, at the Enrollment Services Department and on the Academic Calendar.
  • Students may drop a course with a 'W' through the end of the 10th class week during a regular term; this varies during abbreviated and short-term class sessions.
  • Tuition Refund Policy.

Adding a Course

To add a course, complete the Registration Add/Drop Form. Courses can only be added during open registration dates.

Auditing a Course

If you wish to attend a course without taking an examination or receiving credit for the course, you may register on an audit basis by completing the Registration Form and selecting the audit section on the form.

Students who register on an audit basis will pay the regular tuition rate and must meet the course prerequisites or receive special permission from the instructor.

If you wish to change from audit to credit or from credit to audit after the course is underway, you must process the change through the Enrollment Services Department before the specified date for a particular term. Dates are prorated for courses less than 16 weeks in duration. Students cannot count audited courses to establish full-time or part-time status.

Repeating a Course

You may repeat any credit course one time. All grades from each attempt are recorded on the transcript, but SCC will use the higher grade to calculate the grade point average (GPA). Exceptions to this rule include PE activity courses and some music courses, in which all attempts will be calculated in the student’s GPA. For financial assistance eligibility, all attempts will count towards maximum hour limits and completion ratio.

Some colleges and universities will recalculate the grade point average for admissions purposes and include both grades earned.

Students wishing to attempt a course for the third time must speak with a counselor or the department chair to obtain permission to enroll. In general, courses may not be attempted a fourth time.

Registration and Tuition Refund Appeal Process

The registration and tuition refund appeal process is available to students who feel they warrant an exception to the college’s withdrawal/refund policies. Exceptions to the college’s established policies are not made lightly and will generally be considered only for extenuating circumstances.

Examples of extenuating circumstances include: Medical issues, death of a family member or physician's orders restricting school attendance. The committee decides each case on its own merit.

To file an appeal: Complete the appeal form and include a written statement explaining in detail the circumstance leading to the appeal and include supporting documentation (doctor's orders, death certificates, etc.). Submit the entire appeal packet to the Enrollment Services Department (ADM 1113).

The committee meets the third Wednesday of each month. Materials are confidential and only shared with committee members. Completed appeal packets received by noon on the second Wednesday of the month will be included in the following week’s meeting. Appeals submitted after this time will be reviewed at the next month's meeting.

The submission of an appeal does not guarantee approval. Students are notified in writing of the committee’s decision within seven working days of the appeal meeting.

If your appeal is denied, you may appeal the decision in person at the next appeals meeting by calling 636-922-8235.

Active Military Duty

A student who is called to active duty in special situations in any branch of the U.S. military service will be released from his/her academic responsibilities without penalty. You may request to withdraw from all classes and receive a full refund of tuition and fees paid for class enrollment in that semester. This transaction must be initiated in the Enrollment Services Department. You must provide a copy of your orders at the time of request to withdraw.

If you have completed 75 percent of the time designated for a course, you may initiate a request through the instructor of record to be permitted to either receive an “incomplete” in the course or take an early final examination and receive a grade.  Once you notify the designated college representative of your decision, the action selected will be considered final. Proper documentation of the option chosen will include signatures of the student and teacher. A copy of the agreement will be placed in your file.

Any physical properties belonging to the college that you have in your possession such as equipment, instruments or books must be returned to the lending source prior to separation.