Erin Moomey

Success Story

Erin Moomey, a 2005 graduate of Duchesne High School, started her college experience at Missouri State University as a speech pathology major. After her freshman year, Erin realized she didn’t like her major, she was getting lost in her classes and the university was too big for her.  She returned home to St. Charles and started looking at colleges again.

After taking some general education classes at SCC, the Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) Program caught her eye. Her parents and uncle were all registered nurses, so a career in healthcare seemed natural and a good way to help others.

“The OTA Program was a perfect fit for me. I really loved the hands on experience we got – we didn’t just read from a textbook,” Erin said.  “It was even better than I had hoped.”

The OTA Program students take part in fieldwork each semester. Erin observed other OTAs at Center Pointe Hospital and ShowMe Aquatics and Fitness.

“I loved all of the fieldwork experience we got,” Erin said. “I had two opportunities to work with and observe children, and I really enjoyed it.”

Erin also enjoyed the small class sizes in the OTA Program because the students became close friends and helped each other. The program director went out of her way, she said, to make sure the students understoond the material as well.

“I got more help than I ever expected, much more than a bigger university could have offered,” she said. “If I struggled in a class, I felt comfortable enough to approach my professors because they knew me on a first-name basis.”

Erin was also a volunteer at Ranken Jordan Children’s Hospital during her time at SCC.

In May 2011, Erin graduated with an Associate of Applied Science degree in the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program. She is now an aquatic specialist at ShowMe Aquatics & Fitness in St. Charles. She plans on going back to school in the next few years to get her master's degree in occupational therapy at Belmont University in Tennessee.

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