John Ndungu

Success Story

After taking a few business classes at a college in his native country of Kenya, John Ndungu decided he wanted to attend a college in the United States – and he made the move by himself.

“It was hard to leave my family,” John said. “I miss them every day, but I believe in working hard for what I want, and I wanted a change.”

Last year, John left his parents and four siblings behind and enrolled in fall classes at St. Charles Community College. He plans on getting his associate’s degree in business and eventually getting his bachelor’s degree.

John’s sister joined him in September and is also enrolled at SCC. She is interested in the college’s nursing program.

“It’s nice to have a part of my family here with me,” John said. “My sister makes it easier to be here without them.”

John plans on going back to see his family in Kenya once he graduates from SCC, but he’ll return to the U.S. to begin work on his bachelor’s degree so he can build an art business.   He creates art out of dried leaves in Kenya with his uncle and brother.

While at SCC, he works full time at Delmar Gardens Nursing Center, an assisted living center, but in his free time he likes to go to movies and play soccer. “I’ve made a lot of friends at SCC,” he said. “I like that there are so many people of different cultures all in one place.”

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