Joshua Kaestner

Success Story

Joshua Kaestner had never considered acting as a career. But when he enrolled at SCC, he became involved in every Center Stage Theatre performance possible. And now he’s the star of one of SCC’s most recent commercials, even though the commercial’s interview format didn’t require him to act.

“I’m usually pretty shy, and acting wasn’t something I had thought about before,” Joshua said. “But one day, I decided to try it and see what happened – turns out I like acting a lot.”

Before appearing in the SCC ad, Joshua had done a few commercials in the St. Louis area. His dream is to move back to Los Angeles, where he lived for a few months when he took a semester off school.

He graduated from high school in 2010 and took advantage of a scholarship to the University of Colorado. “It was fun, but it was too much money,” Joshua said. “I went there to study business, but I didn’t like it, so I switched to chemistry, and I didn’t like that either.”

Soon after he moved back home and quickly enrolled at SCC to save money and finish his general education classes. To his surprise, he discovered his new passion – acting. “I was really happy at SCC,” Joshua said. “I loved all the professors in the theater program; they helped me find what I really like to do.”

Since then, Joshua transferred to the University of Southern California to get his bachelor’s degree in psychology or theater. He is more confident now, thanks to the opportunities SCC gave him. “I feel like I have a new direction, a new energy,” he said.

Last updated: Sept. 26, 2012

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