Lingru Kong

Success Story

After moving to the United States from China to live with her mother and new stepfather, Lingru Kong said SCC made her feel welcome.

“I like St. Charles Community College because there are students from all over the world here,” Lingru said. “It has really opened my mind up to different cultures.”

When Lingru first arrived in the U.S. she knew she would have to learn the language quickly in order to succeed. With the help of her stepfather, she enrolled in English as a Second Language (ESL) classes at SCC.

Lingru said she was up for the challenge because hard work comes naturally to her. In China, attending high school is not a given; students must earn the privilege of attending high school by passing an exam.

Because of her work ethic, Lingru took her ESL classes very seriously and was soon communicating in English.

Next, she enrolled in the marketing program at SCC. “I decided to pursue marketing, because my professor said I would be good at it,” she said. “I like being around people, so I thought it was a good fit.” 

While at SCC, Lingru was a Foundation Scholarship recipient. She graduated from SCC in May 2013 and took a job in customer service. After earning a bachelor’s degree at University of Missouri-St. Louis, Lingru will search for a job in business.

The classes at SCC not only prepared Lingru for the next step in her education, but also for her future as businesswoman. “SCC really does better prepare you for the future,” Lingru said. “It gives you the foundation you need to get started.” 

Last updated: Nov. 19, 2013

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