Meet Cody

Success Story

Studying criminal justice and education, Cody is still not sure which path he will take.  However, he is sure of one thing – if he works hard and does what he loves, he will succeed.  Cody’s first love is baseball and as a student athlete and coach, he already makes a difference in our community.  He says, “Studies have shown that athletics help kids stay out of trouble.” 

Baseball is not the only way Cody plans to make a difference.  As he ponders his future he realizes, should he finally choose teaching, he will educate the future of America; if criminal justice is his destiny, he will help prevent or prosecute crimes.  Either way, it is clear Cody will have a positive impact on the lives of many.

Employed at a local grocery to help his family with expenses and pay for school, Cody still makes time to maintain a 4.0 GPA, volunteer at his church, play on SCC’s baseball team and coach youth baseball.  With the help of a Foundation Scholarship, Cody is excited to continue working hard and to spend more time focusing on his studies.

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