Billie Reise

Success Story

Billie Reise, first-time That ‘80s Run participant, viewed running as simply an outlet to relieve stress until recently when it became more of a family affair. 

“My husband and I participate in other organized races each year, but we’ve started looking for more family friendly events since our nine-year-old son, Tyler, wants to participate too,” Billie said. “I couldn’t be more excited about our new family hobby.”

When Billie learned she could use a stroller in the 5K she was thrilled because her entire family was able to participate including her youngest son, Kevin, who attends the Child Development Center (CDC) on campus.

“We heard about the run through the CDC,” said Billie. “They always keep us informed about all of the wonderful SCC events.”

With such a busy schedule, making time to run is a priority for Billie. “I add it to the family calendar like I do batting practice, school plays and work dinners,” she said. “The harder I train, the better I do. I like competing against myself and pushing to do just a little better than the time before.” 

On race day, Billie said her family had a wonderful time, and they look forward to participating next year.

“I plan on recruiting more runners to join us next year because it’s one of the best organized races we’ve participated in,” she said. “It was a groovy, family-friendly event, and it’s close to home!”

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