Meet Terry, Future Nurse

There are many words that can be used to describe Terry, but the most accurate is quite possibly "unstoppable." At the age of 18, this young woman has overcome some incredible obstacles, but never seems to lose her contagious smile and vigor for life.

Just before her senior year of high school began, her father suffered a traumatic brain injury in a accident. Miraculously, after several weeks in a coma, he continued to make minor improvements and eventually came home, but he remains in need of constant care. Through all of this, Terry continued to hold a full-time position at her local pharmacy, maintained excellent grades and helped her mother with her father’s care. “Challenges are good; they make you stronger,” she stated enthusiastically.

As college grew near and medical expenses mounted, it was clear Terry would need to find an affordable option for college. Commuting from Elsberry would be expensive, but knowing she wanted to be a nurse, the decision was easy. “The nursing program at SCC is amazing,” she says. “With the help of a Foundation scholarship, now the financial burden is not so heavy,” she added. With her infectious smile, amazing attitude toward life and incredible perseverance, Terry’s dreams of becoming a nurse are all but reality.

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