Meet Lingru, Future International Business Woman

Success Story

Only six months after moving to the United States with her mother and new stepfather, Lingru is flourishing at SCC, but she expected no less of herself.  Working hard comes naturally to her, being raised in China, where going to high school is not a given.  Students must earn the privilege of attending school by passing a difficult exam.  She not only passed, but had one the top scores in her class and continued to excel at the university level. 

Coming to the U.S. was not going to stop her from getting a diploma. Lingru knew she would have to learn the language quickly in order to succeed, so with the help of her stepfather she enrolled in English as a Second Language (ESL) at SCC and quickly began communicating in English.  Now enrolled in business classes at SCC, she continues to thrive.  She loves meeting new friends and especially enjoys the flexibility of selecting her own classes which she was not able to do in China.

Lingru hopes to complete her associate’s degree at SCC and wants to explore transferring to the University of Pennsylvania.  She learned of their business programs as a student in China.  Now that she is a resident of the U.S., she is eager to fulfill her dream of a bachelor’s degree in international business.

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