Missi Robbins

Success Story

Missi Robbins grew up in a creative family, both fashion forward and musically gifted. Her grandmother, who went to school for fashion design, is her inspiration.  Ultimately, her grandmother chose music as her career path, retiring as principal violinist after 40 years with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra.

“My grandma is my best friend,” Missi said.  “I’ve always wanted to be just like her.”

After getting to know Missi, it’s clear her grandmother has made a big impression on her life.  She started playing the violin in sixth grade and put her love for fashion to work through a blog and a column for St. Charles Community College’s student newspaper, The SCCougar

Her blog, “Fashion Je T’aime,” is just practice for what she hopes is a future in journalism.  “I’d like to be a writer for the fashion industry,” she said. “But I need experience first, which is why I want to transfer to the University of Missouri after SCC and enroll in the school of journalism.”

SCC was Missi’s first step towards her bachelor’s degree in journalism, but making the choice to attend the community college wasn’t easy for her.

“I didn’t want to come here at first,” she said.  “I wanted to go away to school, but I couldn’t afford it.”  Thanks to the A+ Program, Missi got her first two years of tuition covered at SCC. 

The free tuition didn’t smooth over her feelings about not going away to school.  “But in my second semester, I decided to give SCC a chance,” Missi said. “I opened up and got to know my professors and fellow students better and it made a world of difference.”

During her time at SCC, Missi was the managing editor for the SCCougar and a student worker in the college’s Student Activities Office. “I’ve met so many great people by getting involved at SCC,” she said. “It’s been a rewarding experience; I’ve grown not only as a student, but as a person.”

Last updated: Aug. 27, 2009

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