Luisa Sanders

Success Story

Like many students, Luisa Sanders discovered her dream career at St. Charles Community College. “SCC was the right choice for me, because it was here that I found my passion and purpose in life,” said Luisa.

Because Luisa and two of her half-siblings were adopted from Colombia, South America, when she was seven years old, there was a lot to learn when she moved to the United States.

“We had to learn everything about the culture and how to speak the language. Because we were basically starting our education over, we were home schooled for a while,” Luisa said. 

At age 16, Luisa and her siblings started at SCC as part of a dual-enrollment program while they were being homeschooled. “I felt comfortable because they were there with me,” said Luisa.

Luisa said she loved coming to SCC to “get out of the house” and be surrounded by other motivated students. “I loved it then, and I love it now,” said Luisa. “SCC is more strict than homeschooling. It has made me more studious and well-rounded.”

She became a full-time student when she discovered her passion for healthcare and helping others.  “I have a brother from Greece who is legally blind and a brother from Haiti who has special needs,” Luisa said. “I just knew I wanted to help others, so I started SCC’s nursing program.”

Now 20 years old, she credits SCC with preparing her to move forward with her career goals and to pursue a bachelor’s degree in nursing at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. “It’s been a good experience (at SCC); I look forward to moving on to a four-year university,” said Luisa.

“The teachers at SCC have taught me things that will be very useful to me later on in my nursing career,” she said. “I would highly recommend this college to my family members or friends!”

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