Meet Noro, Future International Consultant

Success Story

The son of an educator and civil servant who was raised in Nigeria, Noro is grateful for the opportunity to study in the United States.  As a young man, he remembers hearing stories from his parents about how much they enjoyed their American Peace Corps teachers in the mid-'60s and American lecturers at the university in the mid-'70s.  He dreamed of one day studying here.

After attending a university in Nigeria, he studied in Great Britain for two years and then moved to Missouri after learning about SCC’s criminal justice program online.  Noro’s experiences at SCC have exceeded his expectations.  “SCC is like a family.  Everyone here is so helpful and they always remember my name,” he said enthusiastically.  Noro is committed to make the world a safer place by obtaining a Ph.D. in criminal justice and becoming an international consultant to his home country of Nigeria and other African nations.

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