Michelle Hess

Success Story

When SCC nursing alum Michelle Hess arrived first at the scene of an automobile collision, she was able to use the skills she learned in class.

In an email to Amy Koehler, SCC associate professor for nursing and allied health, Michelle said, “As I pulled over and turned off my car, I could hear you in my head. ‘Assess the situation. Don’t pull anyone out of the car unless they are in immediate danger. Assess for LOC. Stay calm.’”

Michelle recalled the scene of the accident to Amy, arriving first on the scene, assessing the situation, and the process she went through to help the injured drivers, until the ambulance and firefighters arrived. She was able to assist Emergency Medical Services workers when they arrived.

“As I sat in my car before I drove back home, I just kept thinking about how everything I did at the scene, all the knowledge I had, was because you taught it to me. Not only did you teach it, you taught it well and I remembered everything you said.”

Amy shared the story with her colleagues at SCC.

“Michelle’s story definitely validates what the students are learning here and how it benefits the community,” Amy said. “We feel incredibly proud of the outstanding SCC nursing students.”

“I came to SCC because the nursing program was a two-year program and very well known in the community,” Michelle said. “Getting into the nursing program was a dream come true.” 

Michelle received an SCC Foundation scholarship and graduated in May 2013 with her Associate of Science degree in nursing.

“With the scholarship I didn’t have to work while in nursing school,” she said.

Today she is an ICU nurse at Lincoln County Medical Center. 

“I love being somewhere where I can make a difference,” she said. “I chose to go into nursing because my first time in the hospital was a bad experience. I want to improve the perception of nursing.”

Michelle said she has aspirations to work with the Air Evac Lifeteam in Troy. “Long term, I’m working on my BSN and master’s degree so I can open my own clinic.”

Michelle and her husband live in Foley, Mo.

Last Updated: Feb. 12, 2014

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