Hill Rom Stretcher and two surface mount headwall systems

Success Story

The Nursing Department was able to purchase a Hill Rom reconditioned stretcher and two surface mount headwall systems with a gift from the Foundation of Geriatric Education. These pieces were desperately needed in the nursing simulation lab and provided invaluable hands-on experience to hundreds of students each year.

This cart is a very important piece of equipment because it ensures various supplies and medications are readily available in simulated emergency situations. This method of education increases students’ knowledge and familiarity with these pieces of equipment, thereby increasing confidence in their ability to deal with the emergency situations, which they will inevitably face in their role as RN.

The headwall systems simulate a typical hospital room headwall system allowing students to use current technology in the practice of nursing skills. The units contain oxygen outlets and flow meters, air outlets and flow meters, vacuum outlets and regulators, a vacuum slide with canister holder for suction, and two duplex electrical outlets.

This type of classroom simulation is one of the main reasons why SCC graduates consistently rank above Missouri and national averages on licensure and certificate exams.

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