Meet Rob, Future Water Treatment Specialist

Success Story

Nothing is more exciting to Rob than working outdoors and helping to preserve our earth and waterways.  Clearly driven at the age of 31, this returning learner has found his calling.  Growing up in a rural community, in a low-income family, at the age of 16 Rob sought full-time employment and dropped out of high school.  He didn’t look back until full-time work was cut to part-time and then eliminated all together.  After nearly a year of searching for work, getting married and purchasing his first home, Rob decided it was time for a change. 

After only three months of studies, he passed his GED exam and registered for natural science classes at SCC.  As his confidence grew, obtaining a bachelor’s degree in natural resources now seemed possible.  The only hurdle to overcome was finances which would not stop him, just possibly slow him down.  Rob applied for several scholarships and found that others believed in his ability to succeed as well.  He was awarded three scholarships.  He stated, “I am very eager to learn and contribute to my community.”  Rob plans to transfer to a four-year university for his bachelor’s degree and work as a water treatment specialist.

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