Meet Stephanie, Future Radiology Technician

Success Story

It seems everyone’s favorite question when you meet someone in St. Charles County is ‘Where did you go school?’  For most of her life Stephanie dodged that question for fear of answering that she had dropped out.  For years she managed to get by working different jobs and starting a family, but that is when the regrets and shame started to weigh heavier.  Now she had a family to help support and children who would depend on her for guidance and direction.  As the years went by and her children got older, Stephanie’s fear became reality.  “They would say to me, I hate school, I want to quit like you did,” she remembers.  “I was not going to be their excuse; it was time to get over my fear of going back and get my degree,” she exclaimed.  And she did just that.

In a matter of a few short months, Stephanie came to SCC to complete her General Education Diploma (GED) and immediately enrolled in her first semester of college classes.  “Now that I have a goal of a college degree, I will be able to get a more secure position and provide for my family,” she says.  She successfully applied for scholarships so her tuition would not be burden on the family.  Now, with the support of her husband and children, Stephanie holds her head high when asked ‘where did you go to school?’  She replies emphatically, “I’m still in school at SCC!”  Stephanie is working toward an associate’s degree in nursing and hopes to be a radiology technician in the near future.

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