Pam Cilek

Pam CilekI have been with the college amost from the beginning. The first year SCC held classes I taught speech and theater part-time, while teaching full time at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. The next year I was offered a full-time position by SCC and left my university position. For me, SCC has been a great fit.
I was able to be involved in developing the theater program from the ground up. In the early days before we had the campus and the Fine Arts Building we rehearsed in small classrooms, hallways or the library, worked on sets in my garage and rented a performance space from a local high school.  We transported set pieces in our cars, borrowed costumes from our own closets and often relied on the community, students, faculty and staff to help with the shows. We pressured family members to help backstage.
Today we have a campus and a Fine Arts Building that houses a theater, shop spaces, classrooms and equipment for the Theater and Music departments. Center Stage Theatre now produces five mainstage plays each season to more than 7,000 patrons a year. We've come a long way.
Pamela Cilek, professor of theater and coordinator of the Theater Program

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