Martha Zaleuke

Success Story

Martha Zaleuke, registered nurse (RN) at the Rehabilitation Institute of St. Louis, came to St. Charles Community College with her dream career already in mind.

She imagined becoming a nurse since she was a little girl. “Every time I was in the hospital as a kid, I looked up to the nurses and wanted to be just like them,” said Martha. “There was really never any question about what I wanted to do when it came time to get an education.”

Nursing appealed to Martha because it is a way to give back. “If I make a difference in just one person’s life, even if it is just by making their day better, I know that I am doing what I supposed to be doing,” said Martha. 

Even though there are many options for nursing students in the area, Martha said SCC was the right fit. “I chose SCC because of its great reputation for its nursing department,” said Martha. “Plus, it was close to home and a great cost.”

“Most importantly, St. Charles Community College really prepared me for a career in nursing,” said Martha. “I had a great experience as a student and during clinicals. When I started my first nursing job, I knew I was prepared.” 

Martha said she would eventually like to experience something new in her career. She said she could see herself earning a bachelor’s degree in nursing and become a labor and delivery nurse. 

Last updated: Oct. 29, 2013

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