Jahaan Ashfaq

Success Story

After watching “A Few Good Men” his sophomore year in high school, Jahaan Ashfaq knew he wanted to work in the criminal justice field. He discarded his first idea of becoming a lawyer in order to pursue federal law enforcement and work on a fugitive task force or the Secret Service.

Jahaan graduated from Francis Howell Central in 2007 and in the following fall he registered for classes at SCC.

“A few of my friends were enrolled in the criminal justice program at SCC and they really liked it and the professors,” Jahaan said. “I’ve learned a lot about the policies and procedures involved in the criminal justice system that will help me reach my goals of going into federal law enforcement.”

Jahaan quickly agreed with his friends – the professors were helpful. Their guidance enabled him to narrow his area of interest in criminal justice so his academic choices would best serve his needs, Jahaan said.

“I really enjoy the relationships I have built with my professors,” he said.

Jahaan graduated from SCC in December 2010 and is now pursuing a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. After he graduates from UMSL, he will consider the police academy or law school.

No matter what career Jahaan ends up choosing, his main goal is to bring the bad guys to justice and keep the public safe, he said.

“My dream job is to work in the Secret Service, maybe even protecting the U.S. president,” Jahaan said. “Being a U.S. marshal would be pretty cool, too.”

Last updated: May 2, 2012

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