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Cody Slauson

Cody Slauson

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A graduate of Southern Illinois University of Edwardsville and an Illinois native, Cody Slauson found himself teaching English at St. Charles Community College because of a recommendation. 

“SCC was recommended to me as a real teaching school, somewhere where I’d have the freedom and support to experiment with my pedagogy, tinkering with the elements of the class to come up with more intuitive ways of teaching.” 

Now with the college for more than five years, Cody is always eager to initiate new programs as well as stay in the forefront of shifts in his discipline.

In 2016, the English department introduced the corequisite model of composition classes (ALP), and Cody was one of four faculty to pilot such courses – and the only adjunct to do so. Since then, he has gone on to charter the first service-learning corequisite composition classroom at SCC, combining two engaging and challenging learning models.

“Incorporating service into my pedagogy made sense, and I’m always happy to shake things up. I’m a great believer of jettisoning something that gets in the way and replacing it with something useful, so the idea of shaking up the traditional list of assignments and the traditional list of expectations and replacing them with something I and my students could genuinely care about was tremendously appealing.” 

In the future, Cody wants to experiment, teach classes no one else is teaching and find new ways to engage with students and help them engage with the community. 

“I want to teach poetry with physics professors, essays with sculptors, prosody with mathematicians. I like to play with ideas and art, with interested and interesting people. Mostly, I want to keep playing.”

Last updated: April 26, 2018

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