Logo, Seal and Other Marks

The Official Logotype

The official family of logos are trademarks of St. Charles Community College and have been carefully designed to represent the institution. The official logo consists of the words "St. Charles Community College," plus triangle artwork. The triangles reflect elements of unique campus building architecture and are a heritage nod to SCC's previous logo that represented the five original county school districts that established the college district. The logo reflects the flexibility and mobility of the college while forming an abstract "S." Its white band communicates motion and is inspired by the Missouri River. The official logo is the only logo that represents the college. The name as depicted is part of the official logo and must not be altered. Nor should the official logo triangles be separated from the college name.

The official college acronym is SCC. The "S" stands for "St. Charles"; and the two "Cs" stand for "Community College."

The Official Logo

SCC-Primary Logo-CMYK

White: EPS PNG N/A


The official word mark of the college is designed not as a substitute for the official logo but as a supplement. It is permissible to use when the official logo will not fit within specifications of a project such as promotional items like writing pens.

White: EPS PNG N/A



The official seal is limited to diplomas and other items for Commencement as well as employee service awards and other certificates issued by departments and divisions of the college. Because special permission is required for its use, it is not available for download online. Questions about the use of the official seal should be directed to the Marketing and Communications Department.

The cougar head mark was developed for the purpose of athletic promotions, bookstore merchandise and promotional giveaways. Although the cougar head mark is a supplement, the official logo or word mark do not need to accompany it when used.

White: EPS PNG N/A

Other Logos

SCC departments and divisions should use the official logo for means of communication. Individual department/division logos are not permitted.

A minor modification that includes a department name may be permissible. Contact the Marketing and Communications Department for more information. Example:


Student clubs and organizations are permitted to have their own logo. Logos must be designed by the Marketing and Communications Department.

Understanding the difference between the official logo and a graphic:

  • Graphics are created and used to supplement the official logo identity creating a brand within a brand.
  • Example: The cougar paw print is used in SCC materials as a supplemental design graphic but never replaces the official logo.
  • Social media graphics or avatars are identifiers found on sites such as Facebook or Twitter. These are not logos but graphics.

SCC-SocialMediaImage     SCC-FacebookImage

Color and Manipulation

SCC's official logos are clear identifiers, not mere artwork to be manipulated or tweaked to fit a particular application or document.

The colors, sizes, proportions and overall design used to create each official logo have been carefully selected for aesthetic and practical purposes. Each official logo has been created for a wide variety of applications - it should originate from one of the approved graphics available in various formats for MAC, PC and the Web.


  • When using any approved version of the official logo, it is important that the area surrounding the official logo remain free of clutter - it should not have to compete with other type of imagery. To ensure this, approved versions of the logo must never appear closer than the height of the capital letter "M;" as it is found in the word "COMMUNITY;" to the edge of the paper or to any other typography or artwork.
  • To emphasize the importance of the SCC website, it is always appropriate, but not mandatory, to include the college's Web address immediately below the official logo.
  • When reproducing logos, it is best to select the exact size needed rather than trying to enlarge or reduce them to fit. For use in print, the minimum acceptable sizes for each version are shown here. Download sizing page.

Sizing_new Logo Graphic

At no time is any approved version of the official logo to be used with any other logo or symbolic device of the college or any other entity on the same page or surface, unless prior permission is given for individually determined cases.

Unauthorized graphics, icons or words should never be used in conjunction with the official logos.

Use the official logo artwork as-is.

  • Do not overprint the official logo onto text.
  • Do not use unapproved colors.
  • Do not break the official logo and use the triangles as a substitute. The triangles can be considered a graphic element with approval through the Marketing and Communications Department.
  • Do not stretch or condense the official logos (keep proportions the same).
  • Do not use the official logos on an angle.

The angled patch artwork in the upper left corner of the SCC website is not an SCC logo in and of itself but an artist's rendering built to match the website design. It should not be used in place of any of the approved SCC logos.

To ensure quality and consistency, use only official electronic versions of each official logo. The only acceptable color combination is maroon (PMS 195c) and gray (PMS 430c).

Incorrect Logo_new Usage

It is permissible to print the official logo entirely in one-color ink, preferably black. When using one color, the official logo is to be printed as a solid color. Do not screen (print ink as a percentage of solid) any portion of the official logo.

Solid Logo Examples-UPDATED

There may be occasions when a reverse-form official logo is necessary. Reverse official logos are permissible, when used properly. If an approved version of the official logo is to be used in reverse form against a dark background, use the official artwork for reverse reproduction.

Reversed Logo Example-UPDATED

SCC logo

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