Strategic and Annual Planning

Dear Colleagues and Friends of SCC,

Healthy communities rely on a readily-available, educated workforce that is technically adept as well as committed to citizenry, leadership, personal development, innovation and progress. Access to education has never been more expansive due in large part to our nation’s robust community college system.

Access is most beneficial if education institutions are able to keep pace with demand, which means more than just having enough buildings and seats. We must remain vigilant in preserving the integrity and worth of our programs and services so students, employers and communities are successful in their pursuits. That is the aim of our planning efforts.

We are grateful for the tenacity and vision of the individuals who lobbied for and created St. Charles Community College (SCC) in the mid-1980s. Now it is our turn to make sure access to a high-quality, affordable college education remains possible for future generations in our communities.

Dr. Ron Chesbrough, President, SCC

  • Strategic Plan: 2013-2018
  • College Plan: FY2015
  • Monitoring and Measuring the Plan
    When SCC’s Board of Trustees approves the annual budget, the college plan is distributed to the campus and external community. At that time, a master implementation plan will be created to support the college plan by providing an overarching action plan for the college to utilize throughout the year.

    SCC’s Planning Council reviews and monitors this plan regularly throughout the year to ensure major steps/tasks get completed on time and within budget. Performance data will be collected and analyzed throughout the year. Results will be shared so departments/programs can identify continuous improvement opportunities.

Thank you for your interest.
Your attention and support shows you see and understand the positive correlation between an educated population and a vibrant, thriving community. If you would like more information about the plan and/or the planning process, feel free to reach out to Kasey McKee, VP of college advancement and planning, at / 636-922-8472.