Tobacco-Free FAQs

Q: What does “Tobacco-Free” mean exactly?
A: Tobacco-free means that SCC strives for a 100 percent tobacco-free campus. Tobacco use has not been allowed inside college buildings for many years. As of Jan. 1, 2007, no tobacco use is permitted anywhere on campus; the Board of Trustees approved this policy in July 2006. This includes all common areas, building entrances, athletics fields, walking trails and parking lots.

Q: Why did SCC decide to go tobacco-free?
A: In 2005-06, an SCC task force composed of faculty, staff and students explored the possibility of the campus going tobacco-free. After concluding that the benefits of eliminating tobacco use on campus far exceeded any disadvantages, the Board of Trustees set Jan. 1, 2007, as the date that SCC would go tobacco-free.

Local and national trends in public health policy support the prohibition of tobacco use. Given the desire to provide a healthy working and learning environment, many institutions of higher education are beginning to prohibit tobacco use on college campuses. Ozarks Technical Community College and State Fair Community College were the first community colleges in Missouri to go tobacco-free.

Q: What happens if you are found smoking or chewing tobacco on campus?
A: If anyone on campus is seen using tobacco products, he or she will be given a tobacco-free policy reminder card and asked to comply. Repeat offenders may be subject to fines and/or further disciplinary action. Students who repeatedly violate the policy may be referred to the vice president for academic and student affairs and may be disciplined under the student code of conduct. Employee discipline is handled through established supervisory procedures under the SCC Disciplinary Actions Policy.

Q: How do college students feel about giving up smoking?
A: Recent student surveys on other local college campuses showed that more than 83 percent of tobacco-users (smokers and those who use chewing tobacco) have tried to quit at least once in the last year, and 45 percent say they would like to quit soon.

Q: Does SCC sponsor any on-campus smoking cessation programs?
A: For more information on cessation programs, contact Brenda Hollrah, physical education/college center coordinator, at 636-922-8230.

Q. Do I have to quit using tobacco products?
No. It is not about whether you smoke or use tobacco, but when and where. This policy does not require anyone to quit using tobacco. It just says you cannot use tobacco products on the SCC campus.

Q: Whom should I talk to if I have questions or concerns about the policy?
A: Your feedback is very important to us. We want to help you understand the policy and answer your questions. Contact Chris Breitmeyer, vice president for academic and student affairs, at 636-922-8356.