Report Procedure

Need Assistance?

If in immediate danger, call 911 or DPS/Campus Police. Campus phone: Ext. 8545 Cell phone: 636-922-8545

For immediate 24/7 assistance related to a sexual assault, call the Bridgeway 24-hour crisis lines:

If you are in St. Charles County, call 1-877-946-6854 or 636-946-6854.

If you are in Lincoln County, call 1-877-462-1758.

If you are outside St. Charles County, call the RAINN at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673) or visit

Need to report something?

Students may report discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and sexual violence to the Title IX coordinator, Sylvia Edgar, 636-922-8654,, Room ADM 1242, or the deputy Title IX coordinator/dean of student success, Boyd Copeland, 636-922-8238,, Room ADM 1123.   

Employees may report discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and sexual violence to the Title IX coordinator, Sylvia Edgar, 636-922-8654,, Room ADM 1242, or the deputy Title IX coordinator/vice president for human resources, Donna Davis, 636-922-8300,, Room ADM 1242.

Reports of discrimination or harassment may also be made to any administrative officer of the college listed below:

Administrative Officers Phone Numbers
President 636-922-8380
Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs 636-922-8356
Vice President for Administrative Services 636-922-8359
Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing Services 636-922-8277
Vice President for College Advancement and Planning 636-922-8472

The Title IX coordinator and deputy Title IX coordinators will accept anonymous reports of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and sexual violence and will take all reasonable steps to investigate and respond to such reports. However, the college's ability to respond to anonymous reports may be limited.

Individuals may also report sexual violence to the Department of Public Safety (DPS) at 636-922-8545, CS 103. A report to DPS will be considered a report to law enforcement. Though DPS can assist victims of sexual violence in accessing services and/or contacting the Title IX coordinator or deputy Title IX coordinators, DPS may also proceed with pursuing a criminal investigation and/or criminal charges with or without the victim's consent.

The college will respond in a prompt and equitable manner to allegations of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and sexual violence and will respond appropriately to those who violate this policy, up to and including dismissal from employment or expulsion from the college, as applicable.

Though the college encourages all individuals to bring reports of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and sexual violence to the attention of the Title IX coordinator and/or deputy Title IX coordinators, credit-seeking students who wish to maintain confidentiality may contact the mental health counselor, who is provided by the college free of charge for credit-seeking students, at 636-922-8571. Unlike reports of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment or sexual violence made to other college officials (which must be reported to the Title IX coordinator or deputy Title IX coordinators), credit-seeking students can speak with the mental health counselor confidentially and absent the student's consent, such reports or conversations will not be reported to the Title IX coordinator or deputy Title IX coordinators for further investigation pursuant to this policy. The mental health counselor can, however, assist the credit-seeking student in contacting the Title IX coordinator or the deputy Title IX coordinators to report discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment or sexual violence, at the student's request.

Employees may contact the Employee Assistance Program at 800-356-0856 for confidential assistance.

Any individual who wishes to maintain confidentiality may speak with off-campus rape or domestic violence crisis counselors and off-campus members of the clergy and chaplains.

What Happens When a Report Is Filed?

Following a report of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment or sexual violence, the Title IX Coordinator will designate an individual(s) to conduct an investigation. As part of the investigation, as appropriate, the investigator(s) will meet with the reporting party, meet with the responding party, conduct additional interviews with fact witnesses, and gather relevant documentation. All investigations will be thorough, reliable and impartial. Upon completion of the investigation, the investigator provides a written report to the Title IX coordinator who then releases the report to the deputy Title IX coordinator. It is the deputy Title IX coordinator (or designee) who will determine, in consultation with the Title IX coordinator, whether there has been a policy violation and what disciplinary action(s)/sanction(s) (if any) will be imposed. Any disciplinary action(s)/sanction(s) and appeals process will be governed by the following policies:

  • Students-Policy 410
  • Full-time Faculty-MOU Section VIII Grievance Procedures beginning at Step 3 for disciplinary action(s) up to and including Written Warning and MOU Section XVIII Misconduct and Other Violations for dismissal
  • Staff-Policy 793, Disciplinary Actions and by Policy 790.2, Problem Solving

In cases of sexual harassment or sexual violence, both the reporting party and the responding party have the right to appeal the outcome of the investigation/disciplinary procedures.

The responding party and other necessary parties will be notified in writing of the Deputy Title IX Coordinator's finding of responsible/not responsible and any disciplinary action(s)/sanction(s) imposed if any.

For additional information regarding Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Investigation/Disciplinary Procedures, see Board Policy Pr-434.0.2.1 and Pr-534.0.2.1.


Privacy of the parties is a top priority to the college. However, sometimes limited information must be disclosed to fully investigate a report. The college will weigh the impacted party's request for confidentiality in determining whether or how to proceed with an investigation. In some instances, to protect the safety of the SCC community, an investigation may still go forward even if the impacted party refuses to participate with the investigation.

If the reported Title IX Policy violation constitutes a reportable offense under the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, the Title IX coordinator is required to report basic non-identifying information to the college's Department of Public Safety. Further, the college may have to provide a timely warning in a manner likely to reach all members of the campus community in order to safeguard students and campus employees.

Retaliation Is Prohibited

Retaliation against an individual because the individual filed a complaint alleging a violation of Title IX; participated in a Title IX investigation, hearing or proceeding; or advocated for others' Title IX rights is prohibited. Individuals are not to be intimidated, threatened, coerced or discriminated against for engaging in such activity. Any person who participates in such retaliation shall be subject to disciplinary action.

Board Policy Statement

The College is committed to non-discrimination and equal opportunity regarding the treatment of students, faculty and staff. In compliance with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and other federal and state laws and regulations, the College adheres to a strict non-discrimination policy in student admission, educational programs, activities and employment regardless of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, creed, national origin, ancestry, age, veteran status, disability or genetic information. The College is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 requires that the College does not discriminate on the basis of sex in the education programs or activities it operates. The College maintains a complaint procedure for the purpose of investigating and providing prompt and equitable remedy. Policy P-412/P-512

Contact Information

Boyd Copeland,
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Donna Davis,
Vice President for Human Resources
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Todd Galbierz,
Vice President for Administrative Services, Interim Title IX Coordinator
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