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Martha Garcia Kampen

Chief Diversity
Compliance Officer
ADM 1242 | 636-922-8654


SCC offers two certificates that are awarded to students completing certain diversity and multicultural courses of study.

Diversity Certificate of Specialization

The Diversity Certificate of Specialization program offers students an opportunity to exhibit their specialized experience with diversity while acquiring their general education. It indicates that students have participated in college-level academic discourse on topics such as age, race, gender, disabilities, and culture. These may encompass Gender Studies, Diaspora Studies (Black, Indian, Native American Indian and Jewish Studies, for example), Disabilities Studies, and Regional Studies.

Ninety-six percent of employers surveyed say it is important or very important to have employees who are comfortable working with colleagues, customers and/or clients from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Global Studies Certificate of Achievement

The Global Studies Certificate of Achievement program is designed to enable students to develop a fundamental level of international and intercultural competence, and to prepare them to assume their role in an increasingly complex, interconnected and interdependent world. Additionally, the program will reinforce the four State-Level Skill Area Goals and the four State-Level Knowledge Area Goals of the new General Education structure using an explicit global focus.

Students who earn a certificate in global studies can go on to have successful careers in international business, academics, advocacy, politics, government, publishing, the arts, research and more.

COM-215/GLC-215 Intercultural Communication***

HIS-104 African American History since 1877 

HIS-210 History of Latin America 

GLS-101 Introduction to Global Studies

POL-101 American Government*** 

SOC-224 Sex, Gender, and Society 

MUS-109 American Popular Music*** 


*** = general education course

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