#DailyPhoto Team Project Documents 2012-13 Academic Year at SCC

November 14, 2012

Until this year, campus photography at SCC has been handled primarily by the Marketing and Communications Department. But a new program, known by its social media hashtag #DailyPhoto, now has people viewing SCC from a different perspective. Still in its early stages, this photo documentary has been gaining a following largely by word of mouth – especially from the 26 #DailyPhoto team members made up of SCC faculty and staff.

#DailyPhoto Team Project Documents 2012-13 Academic Year at SCC

“This is a fun project for me,” said Kathy Curry, adjunct instructor and #DailyPhoto team member. “This project has brought me back to campus at times I would not usually be here – late afternoons, evenings, weekends. It amazes me the amount of activity going on during these times.”

From inception, the goal of the #DailyPhoto documentary has been to show off SCC “as it really is and as people experience it from every campus angle,” according to Ben Munson, associate director of marketing and the program’s creator.

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This story was published in SCC's Fall 2012 Chaz newsletter.

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