Francis Howell teacher supports Achieving Success in College Math

March 05, 2013

Lisa Jones has been teaching math at Francis Howell High School for more than 20 years. She is appreciative of the fact that her students are able to benefit from the Achieving Success in College Math program at St. Charles Community College.

Francis Howell teacher supports Achieving Success in College Math

Lisa Jones, math teacher at Francis Howell High School

Her classes have heard presentations from SCC’s math faculty about being prepared for college-level math every year since the program began in 2008.

“I was excited about the program when it first started” Lisa said. “Ensuring that we fill the gap between students’ high school skill level and college level expectations is of utmost importance.”

Lisa believes strongly in the goals of the program. “Studying math each year throughout high school, and taking that study seriously is a focus,” she said. “This is one of the major things that will help students be successful in college.”

She said that high school teachers and counselors provide this important information to students, but students are so much more attentive and receptive when they hear it first-hand from a college representative.

She also pointed out that the program information is designed to save students and parents a lot of time and money.  “If they have a gap in math skills, they may have forgotten things from prerequisite courses,” she said. “The booklet provided through the program includes information on preparing for placement tests with websites for practice and sample math tests.”

 “We are fortunate to have SCC so close and supporters in the area willing to work cooperatively with the college to show, in a tangible way, that they care about students’ success in college,” she said. “I appreciate that companies and individuals are funding this program. This type of partnership, supported by research, can really improve the overall effectiveness of our programs for students.”

SCC’s Achieving Success in College Math program exists to inform middle and high school students about the importance of math and the impact of taking math during the senior year of high school on their future success in college – regardless of which college a student chooses to attend. The Achieving Success in College Math program is funded by a number of individuals as well as businesses. For more information, visit


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