High School Math Tournament Winners Announced

March 16, 2011

More than 85 high school students participated in the St. Charles Community College Math Club’s 15th Annual Area High School Math Tournament on Saturday, March 5, at SCC. The event is held in cooperation with the Great Plains Math League.

High School Math Tournament Winners Announced

Clayton High School was the first place small school at the SCC Math Club’s annual Area High School Math Tournament. Team members included (left-right): Tyler Ponder, Apoorva Sharma, Charles Beard, Richard Millett and Marguerite Daw.

Schools participating in the March 5 tournament were: Clayton, Fort Zumwalt West, Fox, Hickman, Lutheran St. Charles, Mary Institute and St. Louis County Day School (MICDS), Parkway Central, Parkway South, Rock Bridge, St. Dominic, St. Louis Priory, St. Louis University High (SLUH), Trinity Catholic and Villa Duchesne.

First Place, 9th Grade: Melinda Lai (Parkway Central, Target Round) and Clark Zhang (Rock Bridge, Sprint Round). Second Place, 9th Grade: Yvan Quinn (Hickman, Target Round), Elaine Reichert (Parkway Central, Target Round), Luke McGartland (St. Louis Priory, Target Round) and Melinda Lai (Parkway Central, Sprint Round). Third Place, 9th Grade: Yvan Quinn (Hickman, Sprint Round).  Fourth Place, 9th Grade: Danny Martin (St. Louis Priory, Sprint Round). Fifth Place, 9th Grade: Clark Zhang (Rock Bridge, Target Round), Dan Sprehe (St. Dominic, Target Round), Tim Avery (St. Louis Priory, Target Round), Daniel Stein (St. Louis Priory, Target Round), and Sarah Minkler (Fox, Sprint Round).

First Place, 10th Grade: Uttara Charkraborty (homeschool, Target Round) and Bowen Yang (Hickman, Sprint Round).  Second Place, 10th Grade: Henry Chen (Parkway Central, Target Round), Victor Ge (Parkway Central, Target Round) and Uttara Charkraborty (homeschool, Sprint Round).  Third Place, 10th Grade: Jacob Dolson (St. Dominic, Sprint Round).  Fourth Place, 10th Grade: Tommy Du (Parkway Central, Target Round), Henry Chen (Parkway Central, Sprint Round) and Victor Ge (Parkway Central, Sprint Round).  Fifth Place, 10th Grade: Jaedyn Larson (Lutheran St. Charles, Target Round), Jonathan Brand (Parkway Central, Target Round) and Louis Wang (Parkway Central, Target Round). 

First Place, 11th Grade: Randi Cover (Fox, Target Round), Methma Udawatta (Rock Bridge, Target and Sprint Round) and Apoorva Sharma (Clayton, Sprint Round). Second Place, 11th Grade: none. Third Place, 11th Grade: Dennis Zhu (Parkway Central, Target and Sprint Round) and Daniel Hwang (Hickman, Sprint Round). Fourth Place, 11th Grade: Tyler Ponder (Clayton, Target Round), Maya Cutkosky (Hickman, Target Round), Luke Xing (MICDS, Target Round), Ahmed Eltahir (Parkway Central, Target Round), Hiroshi Fujii (Parkway Central, Target Round), Emily Cheng (Parkway South, Target Round) and Joseph Szatkowski (SLUH, Target Round). Fifth Place, 11th Grade: Ahmed Eltahir (Parkway Central, Sprint Round).

First Place, 12th Grade: Charles Beard (Clayton, Target and Sprint Round). Second Place, 12th Grade: Hope Hua (Parkway Central, Target Round) and Qin Qin Yu (Rock Bridge, Sprint Round).  Third Place, 12th Grade: Ellen Hilmes (Trinity Catholic, Target Round) and Mark Rapisardo (SLUH, Sprint Round). Fourth Place, 12th Grade: Qin Qin Yu (Rock Bridge, Target Round) and Kevin Loo (Lutheran St. Charles, Sprint Round). Fifth Place, 12th Grade: Richard Millett (Clayton, Target Round) and Eddie Ross (Trinity Catholic, Sprint Round).

Clayton High School and Hickmann High School tied for first place in the tournament relay competition. Charles Beard, Richard Millett and Apoorva Sharma represented Clayton and Daniel Hwang, Jacob Lee and Yvan Quinn represented Hickmann.

Overall team test competition results for small schools: Charles Beard, Jake Bernstein and Marguerite Daw of Clayton, first place; Richard Millett, Tyler Ponder and Apoorva Sharma of Clayton, second place; and Uttara Chakraborty, homeschool, third place.

Overall team test competition results for large schools: Kevin Buettner, Mark Rapisardo and Joseph Szatkowski of SLUH, first place; Jonathan Ackmann, Anna He, Tina Wang and Clark Zhang of Rock Bridge, second place; and Methma Udawatta, Qin Qin Yu and Angela Zhang of Rock Bridge, third place.

The overall awards for the annual Area High School Math Tournament went to: Clayton, first place small school and Parkway Central, first place large school.

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