850.3 Procedure for Sending Targeted Broadcast E-mails


Step 1: Anyone wishing to create a targeted e-mail group must first submit a Target Group Request form to the IT Department.

Step 2: Content creator writes e-mail. Some departments may require supervisor approval before further distribution.

Step 3: If there is a question concerning content, the message should be sent to a moderator for review.

Step 4: If sending to a group of more than 40 recipients, content creator sends e-mail message to the MAC Department for review.

Step 5: If the message was sent for review, MAC Department returns the message.

Step 6: Content creator will send the e-mail message or forward for distribution.

Step 7: MAC will automatically be copied on all targeted broadcast e-mails that are sent. E-mails sent by faculty members to students enrolled in their classes do not fall under “targeted broadcast e-mails” category.

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