737 Shift Differential

P-737.1 The College pays a shift differential in an amount established by the Board of Trustees for non-exempt employees who begin working between the hours of 2 p.m. and 2 a.m. and work six (6) or more hours in their shift.
Pr-737.1.1 Employees must be approved to work the scheduled hours to which this differential will apply and the total hours subject to a shift differential will be noted on the time sheet by the supervisor.
Pr-737.1.2 Employees who are not regularly scheduled to work hours that fall into this category will receive the shift differential if requested to work a shift that qualifies under the policy guidelines and are approved to work this shift by the supervisor.
Pr-737.1.3 Shift differentials will not apply to hours paid (but not actually worked) for time such as emergency closing of the College campus, vacation, personal days, holidays, sick days or similar non-working hours.
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