701.0 Staff Performance Evaluations

P-701.0 Performance evaluations are generally completed annually for employees hired to work half-time or more and who have successfully completed the Introductory Period.
Pr-701.0.1 During a formal performance evaluation the supervisor may cover the following areas:

• The quality and quantity of work 
• Strengths and areas for improvement 
• Attitude and willingness to work 
• Commitment to excellence
• Teamwork
• Continuous learning and improvement
• Cooperation and customer service
• Ongoing professional growth and development

Pr-701.0.2 Developmental opportunities are generally established during the performance evaluation process. This is intended to be a collaborative discussion between the employee and the supervisor, as a way to discuss interests and future goals, and a method to identify training opportunities that will benefit the employee and the College.
Pr-701.0.3 An employee may have a copy of the completed performance evaluation. All original, completed performance evaluations are forwarded to and maintained by the Human Resources department.
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