581.6 Political Activity on Campus

P-581.6 All activities by College employees and all uses of College property for political purposes or in the context of political issues will maintain the neutrality of the College.
Pr-581.6.1 No person shall make any contribution or expenditure of any College funds to advocate, support, or oppose any ballot measure or candidate for public office. The use of College property to host candidates or sponsor events on an unbiased and non-partisan basis for educational purposes is permissible with approval of the College President.
Pr-581.6.2 No person shall make any endorsement for a political candidate or ballot measure on behalf of the College or imply that such endorsement exists. No employee of the College shall engage in any activity promoting his or her own candidacy for public office during any hours in which he or she is acting on behalf of the College.
Pr-581.6.3 No political activities on College property shall be permitted to disrupt the educational process, destroy property, or interfere with the rights of others on campus.

Persons interested in distributing materials on campus such as campaign or partisan/non-partisan literature or petitions on campus must comply with the following:

  • Review and adhere to guidelines on college website, fill out request form, provide sample literature/petition, and submit to the Marketing and Communications Department for approval;
  • Follow the guidelines for time, place and manner described on the college website.
  • No solicitation of monetary contributions is permitted.

Those in violation of the guidelines must leave the premises.

Pr-581.6.5 Posting of political or campaign literature is limited to authorized campus bulletin boards consistent with the College’s Procedures for Posting Materials on Campus.
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