531.3 Direct Deposit of Payroll Check

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P-531.3 The College requires, as a condition of employment, that all employees have their payroll check direct deposited into a checking, savings, money market, credit union or DirectCheck account.
Pr-531.3.1 The College reserves the right to credit, and if necessary, debit an employees account. The Payroll Department will attempt to notify the employee in the event of a debit transaction.
Pr–531.3.2 Payroll checks are direct deposited every other Friday (see payroll schedule), usually by 9 a.m.
Pr–531.3.3 Employees are allowed direct deposit into one account. Changes to the account where the payroll check is deposited may be made at anytime through the Payroll Department.
Pr–531.3.4 Payroll stubs are distributed through inter-office mail every other Friday (see payroll schedule).
Pr–531.3.5 Direct deposit forms are available on the intranet, in the Human Resources Department or in the Payroll Department.
  • Employees who are depositing into a checking, credit union, or money market account should fill out the form, attach a blank, voided check (not a deposit slip), and return both to the Payroll Department.
  • Employees depositing into a savings account should fill out the form, attach a blank savings deposit slip, and call their bank to obtain the correct routing number since the routing number on the savings deposit slip is not always accurate. Both forms should then be returned to the Payroll Department.
  • Employees depositing into a DirectCheck card account must set up the account in the Human Resources Department and the Bank will provide the routing number and account number to the Payroll Department.
  • Employees using DirectCheck will be responsible for any applicable fees.
Pr-531.3.6 Generally the first paycheck, and any manual correction checks, will not be direct deposited, but will be an actual check. If an employee changes where his or her direct deposit is being sent, the first check after that change is made will result in an actual check being issued. All actual checks will be sent to the Cashier’s Office for pick up. A photo ID is required when picking up a check in the Cashier’s Office.

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