502.1 Employee Background Checks

P-502.1 In order to determine the suitability for employment or continued employment, the College has the right to conduct a job-related background check which may consist of, but not be limited to, verification of prior employment including performance history, references and other aspects of an individual's work record, academic records, military records, conviction records, and state license records including driving records. Falsification of application materials, including failure to disclose felony convictions, is grounds for termination of employment or non-selection as an applicant for employment. 
Pr-502.1.1 When an employee's job assignment requires the operation of a College vehicle, or to transport students, the employee is subject to Policy 581.1 - Transportation Safety.
Pr-502.1.2 A relevant job-related criminal conviction is grounds for termination of employment or non-selection as an applicant for employment. Consideration will be given to the relationship between a criminal conviction and the responsibilities of the position for which an applicant might be employed or a position which is held by an employee. For positions that require the operation of a College vehicle, a conviction shall include misdemeanor traffic violations.
Pr-502.1.3 College employees are required to notify the Human Resources Department within five (5) days following a conviction for a felony of any type.

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