500.1 Reinstatement of Service Time

P-500.1 An individual employed by St. Charles Community College on a 50% or greater basis for one (1) year or more who terminates employment and is subsequently rehired within one (1) year after termination will have previous service time and seniority reinstated upon rehire, without credit for the break in service.
Pr-500.1.1 The employee’s records will reflect an “alternate benefit date” that incorporates the previous service time, less the intervening time that the employee was not employed by the College. This alternate benefit date will apply to sick and vacation time accrual rates, educational reimbursement eligibility, and other benefit programs as provided by College policy.
Pr-500.1.2 Unused sick time remaining at the time of the break in service will be reapplied to the employee’s available sick time balance upon rehire. If the employee returns during the same fiscal year as termination occurred, unused personal time will be reapplied to the unused personal time balance. If the employee returns during a different fiscal year than that in which the employee left, personal time will be awarded according to the following schedule:


July 1 through Sept. 30 3 days
Oct. 1 through Dec.31 2 days
Jan. 1 through March 31 1 day
April 1 through June 30 0
Pr-500.1.3 Reinstatement into any medical, dental, life insurance, or long-term disability program, as well as participation in the PEERS or PSRS retirement plan, will be permissible as allowed by the provisions of each plan.

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