429 Satisfactory Academic Progress [Warning, Probation, Suspension, Dismissal, Reinstatement]

P-429.1 The College shall measure academic progress for each term throughout the student's enrollment. All students enrolled in credit courses at the College are required to meet the established standards for satisfactory academic progress.
Pr-429.1.1 Students are required to maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 at the end of each term, once they have completed 15 hours of college level coursework.

Students are placed on Academic Warning when their cumulative grade point average falls below a cumulative 2.0 for the first time. The second time the grade point average falls below a cumulative 2.0, students are placed on Academic Probation 1. After the third time, students are placed on Academic  Probation 2, and after the fourth time, students are placed on Academic Suspension and are required to discontinue enrollment for the next semester. Upon return from suspension, failure to maintain a 2.0 term grade point average in any given semester will result in academic dismissal. Students who have been academically dismissed may apply to the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs for consideration of academic reinstatement.

Pr-429.1.3 Students who have been placed on suspension may appeal to the Dean of Enrollment Services to waive the semester layout requirement.

At the end of each term the college will send letters to those students who are not meeting the academic progress standards.  This letter will indicate intervention strategies for each level of progress beginning with Academic Warning. 

Academic Warning
Students are required to complete a video on the Learning Management System and pass the associated quiz.

Academic Probation 1
Students are required to attend a workshop and will be required to meet with a counselor to register.

Academic Probation 2
Students are required to attend a workshop and will be required to meet with a counselor to register, during this meeting students will sign a contract agreeing to attend ACE Center sessions.  Enrollment will be limited to a maximum of 13 credit hours.

Pr-429.1.5 Additional intervention strategies include identification of and communication with students whose completion ratio, including developmental courses, drops below a 67%, students who withdrew from all of their coursework their previous term enrolled or students who did not maintain a term gpa of 2.0 their previous term, but are still maintaining a 2.0 cumulative gpa.
Pr-429.1.6 Students must wait for a minimum of one semester (summer session excluded) after having been academically dismissed from the College; submit a letter indicating the reasons why they should be considered for reinstatement, and agree to be interviewed by the Vice President.

Consideration for reinstatement may be based on an evaluation of life changes and circumstances that would merit reinstatement, or an official transcript from another college or university indicating that the student has been academically successful since being dismissed from the College.

Academic reinstatement does not include any forgiveness of grades earned at the College. The student is reinstated with the cumulative grade point average (GPA) the student had upon dismissal. Enrollment is limited to 12 credit hours the first semester; thereafter, semester limits may be waived by the Vice President. Any student not maintaining a 2.0 GPA each semester of attendance will be dismissed from the College. Academic reinstatement is available one time only.

Students receiving any form of financial assistance administered by the College are expected to meet financial assistance standards of academic progress as printed in the tuition chapter of the College Catalog.
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